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March 17, 2008

See me on the streets playa, I ain't new

Crazy Crazy Crazy... Apparently I'm the man of the hour over at http://www.albany.edu. The Albany website crew came through the station about a month ago scopin' out CDBs new board and related ish, they snapped some photos of me with my good friend Joe Strummer and I guess that's that. Too bad I didn't get a shout out of a link back to this page... I wonder how much traffic that would have drummed up?

In other WCDB news, esteemed Urban DJ Wits sadly perished last weekend at the age of 25. Dude just got his diploma from Union and was definitely making moves. The WCDB community is very grieved by this loss. Family/friends of Wits thank you for your support through this trying time.


'Til Friday.

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