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January 11, 2009


Hey all,

So I was thinking... Since I missed my show last night, you all must be wondering "Just what did he have better to do??" Well, my buddy Ryan asked me out of the blue to hang in Westchester (I hear it's the Best-chester) 'cause he had some loose ends to tie up (it's his hometown). I decided to go for it, although we had no plans. I just got my new Nikon D80 that I absolutely love, so I thought maybe I'd break it in with an unplanned outing. The trip was a lot of fun!

This is Ryan's Husky, Cody.

So we're hanging out, with no plans, when we found out that The Bell House in Brooklyn was having live music AND FREE BEER for a couple of hours! The last time I went to the Bell House was to photograph the Blip Fest in early December. I had an awesome time and was also thirsty for free beer. This was something I had a hard time passing up. I was super skeptical of the free beer though. Whatever.
When we got there, the place was pretty packed - And the advertisement of free beer was not an embellishment in the least. Way cool.

The band? The Depreciation Guild.

They were a good mix of Garage and Shoegaze, with spectacular drumming. I found myself getting really into it as their set progressed. If you're into those genres, I heavily recommend this band. Their very well-designed, understated website is at http://www.inhergentlejaws.com/, and includes a free download of their album. I love it when Flash animation is used tastefully. If you go for a listen, I suggest tracks "Nautilus" and "Parasol Parachute". Awesome.

A glance down Broadway

After, we went to a very Indie place called Goodbye Blue Monday, also in Brooklyn. We met up with Jared, who turned 21. Yeah Jared!
I'm very particular about my photography, so unfortunately I only got a couple cool shots of this place, but I definitely suggest checking Goodbye Blue Monday out as well - The interior decoration is very... interesting, to say the least! Grab a 24 oz. of Pabst Blue Ribbon and enjoy some live Indie/Lo-Fi acts among piles and piles of outdated radios, TVs and other technology of yesterday.

The snow was unbelievable Saturday, so the trip back basically consisted of driving all the way up the Taconic Parkway at 30 miles per hour... Which translates to almost seven hours of driving!!! Wow!!! To boot, we came on I-90 just in time to find out it was closed south of DeFreestville... We thought it was because of the snow, but it was apparently due to some guy pulling a real-life Bill Foster on the Thruway... Pretty serious stuff. Not sure what all that was about.
When we got back, we noticed the insane amount of snow that fell throughout the day had been silently collecting on the back of the Volvo, and this is what it looked like when we parked! Wild!

So, that's what I've been up to...

I'll be back next Friday with some more jams on the Kitchen, on WCDB 8-10pm EST.

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