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November 10, 2008

Gone for a week

Table, originally uploaded by lf979883.

Hey folks, sorry I didn't announce it but I was totally absent last weekend. I was planning on rocking Dippikill (Up in Warrensburg) with an 80s set, then posting the playlist here, but I didn't have the time to throw something together.
The weekend was fun, but I lost a LOT of school work time, plus I ate so unhealthily! (You don't even know... cooking bacon then toasting a bagel in the bacon grease is the tip of this iceberg)
Anyway, I'll be back next week... There are a few more photos from the trip on my Flickr page. I'll see you all (well, I won't SEE you) Friday November 14! My last kitchen as a 20 year old. Wild!

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