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May 10, 2008

Nothin' but the girls, and the boys, and the strings, and the drums

Well.... Hey.... The time has come for the Spring semester to close. It's been really real, and if you go through the archives from the last few months you'll see it's been a trip of a trip.

Bad news:

- The 80s at 8 is not going down Friday nights now. If I happen to DJ an 80s party over the summer (Feel free to contact me on that too, I'll do it for beer), I'll post pictures and a playlist here, but expect this to be an ill-updated blog until late August.

Like, one of these nights:

- I'm insanely vexed about the finals situation, more than any other finals situation I've encountered during my six (SIX!!!??) semesters here at SUNYA.
- I have a five gallon point-of-use watercooler bottle next to my bed that I will not be able to consume before I leave Albany
- I couldn't go to the legendariest of WCDB legendariness events, Wing Thing (Ain't no thing though, I'll be on that 21 tip by the time it goes down again in the Fall)
- All my peoples are leaving mad days before me (sitting all alone with my books and my pen while you're out at 10, 10 PM) I'm stuck here 'til Thursday.

The good news!

- I'll be making mad bank this summer (School M/W/F, Workin' T/R) so I'll always be busy and I'll always be down for a Friday party
- The Kitchen will survive! Kind of, like, out of its element 'cause I miss starting the night off with 80s, but the Kitchen will be on WCDB from May - late August 2008 on

There you can still get your fix while the sun's out.

- I got the duct tape stains off my white T-shirt!! Check it, here is how you do it: Spread peanut butter on the stains, let 'em sit for a day or two, then run it under hot water and rub the stained part of the shirt up against other parts of the shirt. What you're left with is a shirt that's mad peanut butter stained, so, you know, wash it afterward. All I had was chunky peanut butter so it kind of plugged up the drain but if you use creamy you should be golden colorado. YAHMEEN?

- My "USERDEL" command finally went through last night, shout out to Cate,

and MOST IMPORTANTLY......................

- The last five months have been the best, most redeeming semester of college yet. I want to let all my friends and listeners know that this truly means a lot to me and I love you all.

So, tune in weekly for that fix of a fix (Summer Playlists will not be archived on this blog but you can catch 'em at my WCDB DJ profile off to the right column). Keep listening and don't lose the beat!

Also, wish me luck on my finals! I'm scared.
Let me leave you with an image of the best meal I ate at Chartwells this semester: Porkchops, applesauce, baked potatoes, and two cups of Mr. Pibb. I swear to God, it tasted so good I took a picture of it.


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lol..... the cartoon looks great!